Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Another Tales of the Bathroom and Multiple Uses for Foil

Foil Paper…it’s a multi-use wonder.

There are so many things that you can do with it. Such as:
  • Soften brown sugar. 
  • Keep food warm. 
  • Make a funnel. 
  • Protect pie crust. 
  • Oven Cleaner 
  • Scrubber 
  • Reheating 
  • Scare birds in the garden 
  • Cleaning your iron 
  • Sharpen Scissors
  • Polish Chrome 
  • Clean the grill 
  • Light reflector for photography 
  • Protect your brain waves from eavesdroppers and mind control…ok, that one is just a myth, but you never know right? 
I can remember my mom making burritos and wrapping them in foil to keep them warm during the summers when we would work in the tomato and cotton fields. Those were the best burritos we ever tasted!

So why my fascination with foil paper today? Well prepare yourselves for another round of strange things I find in the women's bathroom at work!!

I've done a few posts before about the strange things I find in the shared women's bathroom here in the building where I work. Once it was a Plastic Fork...right on the toilet paper dispenser. Another time I found a Peanut Husk ...right on the sanitary napkins dispenser. Well it's happened again, just look at this picture and tell me what you think!

It's a balled up piece of foil, sitting on the floor in the women's bathroom, in one of the stalls, right underneath the toilet.  Now remember the list of uses for foil above? Do any of those uses have anything to do with the bathroom? What could you possibly take into the bathroom that would require you to cover it in foil first? What could you possibly want to keep that fresh? Or that warm?

Or I guess you could use it as a scrubber? Maybe for someone toilet paper just isn't doing the job?

I shudder to think!



  1. Oh my! I don't want to think what it was used for and I don't think using it as toilet paper would be correct. LOL!

    1. Well it would definitely get you clean...lol. The things that happen in the bathroom here! Not to mention some of the great conversations we get to eavesdrop on!

  2. Do you have a shared restroom for the building you work in??

  3. Is the restroom a shared one for the building?

    1. Yes, it's a shared one. It's a two story building and there is a bathroom upstairs and one downstairs. They both have 4 stalls in them. Lots of weird things happen in there lemme tell ya! :)

  4. Alicia, if you are going to ponder these mysteries, then you are just going to have to investigate. Check tomorrow and if it is still there, reach down and crinkle it back open and see what you find. I triple dog dare you.

    Three things come to mind, 1) cookies. Someone brought in cookies and didn't want to share. Despite the crappy atmosphere, the privacy may have allowed a truly scrumptious cookie to be enjoyed to the fullest. Then again perhaps someone truly dedicated was multi-tasking...eating while excreting may be the 8th habit of successful people.

    2) Some manner of illegal drugs. Perhaps folding them up in aluminum foil make them harder to detect by drug dogs. Personally, I don't give that one much credence.

    3) Some kind of ointment for intimate areas, although I would expect to see a zip lock bag as well. Perhaps one would be embarrassed to have a tube of _______ in their purse. So they put a dollop in aluminum foil and transfer it to toilet paper for application. Like I say though one would think that a zip lock would be about too.

    Another possibility is that the foil contained cookies consumed on the drive to work. The foil was balled up and placed in her purse for disposal at her desk. It was forgotten and she opened her purse, possibly for a Tampax. The foil fell to the floor. Once on the restroom floor, it become contaminated and thus left for the janitor.

    I totally discount the use of it as toilet paper, unless it was the tin man's wife.

    Could it be the wrapper of some sort of sanitizing wipe that got balled up inside out?

    1. Sextant, unfortunately it was cleaned up the next day or I would have taken your triple dog dare! I'm not scared! hahaha.

      Those would have had to be some pretty scrumptious cookies for someone to eat them while as you say, excreting! Yuk! That whole sentence just grosses me out!

      The drug thing? That had to have been a pretty good chunk of drugs, but in this building, I doubt it, I don't give it much credence either.

      lol...ointment for intimate areas? Wow, if you have a problem so big that you need to carry your ointment in foil, you really need to see a doctor!.

      I think you are right and it probably contained some kind of food that someone ate on the way to work and they meant to dispose of it in the bathroom trash but somehow didn't notice it rolled out of their purse.

      It was just a weird thing to find in the bathroom. Not as weird as the Peanut husk, but right up there!


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