Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mariachi Olympian and a Prince to Boot?

Football season is over!

The only thing keeping me from jumping off a bridge in utter despair is the fact that American Idol has started and that the Winter Olympics will be starting on February 6th! 

Yay! I love the Olympics! I love the Olympics for the same reason I love American Idol, I love to see talented, hard-working people working hard towards goals and achieving them! I admire them and live vicariously through them! 

There will be so many great things to see during these winter games, and we will meet new athletes as well as say good bye to older athletes that will be competing possibly for the last time. One athlete that I am going to be watching in particular is my age!!! Can you believe that? Wow!

Not that I'm old...definitely not. But normally people my age are on the sidelines coaching, not actually "living the dream"!

But one man is! One man is living the dream at the ripe old age of 55! He reminds me of the man that makes the commercials for Dos Equis, the Most Interesting Man in the World. 

This man is one of the Most Interesting Olympians in the world and I had never even heard of him. But...he's not only an Olympic Athlete, he's also a Prince! A German Prince! 

He is Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe Langenburg! He's a very colorful fellow. From what I've read of him he's the son of a Prince and a Princess and was born in Mexico while his father worked at a Volkswagen plant. He has Mexican citizenship which makes him eligible to compete for Mexico. 

He is many things besides an Olympic athlete. He's a photographer and businessman as well as a pop singer!

He's been in the news lately for his fashion sense. He may just win the best dressed Olympian for his very original Mariachi motif racing suit! I have to say...I love it! And I can't wait to watch him, what a character!

So I may not be leaping off that bridge just yet. I may just stick around and watch this very handsome and very interesting Prince be the only competitor to come from Mexico! Viva Mexico!


  1. I hadn't heard anything about this very interesting man until I read your post. I'll definitely be looking for him!

  2. Wow! I was excited about the Olympics before...Now I am on pins and needles. I say we get together during his races and have chips and salsa and margaritas to show our support!

    1. I am there! And if he loses we can beat the heck out of a pinata!...lol. Crazy sister :)

  3. I am concerned for your wellbeing. If the only thing keeping you jumping from a bridge is the son of a beetle making prince and American Idol, you are in trouble--although I know better.

    Your prince is rather dashing and at 55 and being in the Olympics...damn I want to know what he takes for arthritis. I have to admit that the worlds most interesting man is one of my personal heroes, and I don't drink beer period.

    Here is a compilation:


  4. I like that "your Prince"! Well thank you, if he has to belong to someone, why not me. Although I believe he's already married...darn it!

    He is rather dashing isn't he? Takes a pretty fit man at age 55 to put on a skin tight racing outfit like that one!

    I love the Most Interesting Man in the World too! So suave and debonair! I'm off to watch the video and see what it's about. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Skin tight! The worlds most interesting man did say something about if he can count the coins in one's pocket, he should use that change to call his tailor.

    2. Well....he's just wearing it that tight to cut down on wind resistance I'm sure ..not that I mind! :)


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