Thursday, February 6, 2014

Being a Jack of All Trades Can Amount to a Hill of Beans!

It is kind of great being a “Jack of All Trades and Master of None”! 

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I know all kinds of little things that probably don’t amount to a whole “hill of beans”, but when I do need to use that one little bean it sure can be helpful to one or some people. 

One of those Jack of All Trades things that I know and store in my mind are quote. Quotes, I know quotes! They just stick in my head, like lyrics to songs, not leaving room for important things like Math and Engineering and Medicine! I know quotes, but not who quoted them, I know lyrics but not who sang or wrote them. 

But the true purpose of my story today is my knowledge of “How to Tie a Scarf”. 

 In November of 2011 I found this super cool video “25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes”. I shared it as a blog post for Iwanna Wednesday, you can find that post HERE

I stored the information that I saw on that video in my mind. I didn't know it was there and I very seldom use that knowledge, unless I’m tying a scarf. 

Today in the ladies room I ran into a lady that works in this building. We always say hi and how are you but the other day I mentioned to her that I liked her scarf and she went into a long conversation on where she bought it. 

Today she had a different one on and again I commented on it and she told me she really liked the one I had on as well. Then she said that the one she had on today was too long and kept getting in the way and she wasn't sure she liked it. I then started showing her “25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes”! She was amazed and tried a couple of different ways and found one she really liked and she thanked me and said “You’re so smart!” 

Being a Jack of All Trades paid off in a nice compliment! Plus it feels good to help someone find peace with their scarf!



  1. I stand in awe of your memory... knowing how to tie a scarf in 25 different ways. I have never figured out how to tie a neck tie in one way. It usually takes me 7 or 8 attempts. Of course when you wear one on the average of once a year, it doesn't give one much practice.

    There are worse things to remember than quotes. I had a zillion of them in a "quote file", but they died with my other computer.

    1. I have a zillion quotes in Goodreads. I love quotes!

      Well, I think I would be more in awe of myself if I could remember the multiplication table, or the Periodic Table of Elements, or even more important if I could have remembered how to read music! I always, always, always wanted to learn to play piano, but I could never remember how to read music and remember what note the keys were.

      But you get what you get and you don't pitch a fit as my brother Fred says, so I guess I'll be happy that I can tie a scarf 25 different ways. Everyone has their talent right? Go harvest some quotes Sextant :)


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