Monday, January 6, 2014

Finger in the Dike and a Yummy Meal

Today is going to be a little bit random because sometimes that's just how my mind works! 

 Also my mind is pretty tired because today was the first day of a full week back to work in 2014, and I went into it with some trepidation. I tried to be positive about it and even posted on Facebook first thing in the morning something to motivate me and others.

Happy Monday everyone! Back at work for the first full week of 2014!
I'll be ready for it...just as soon as I finish my first cup of coffee! Make it a great one!

See how I tried to face the day with a lot of positivity? Yes, I know...that's not a real word, auto correct is telling me so, but I like the word...positivity!

I believe I've written before how I have some days when everything I touch turns to Gold and is smooth as was not one of those days!

Today I would no sooner touch one project and get a little into it when I would get interrupted with an urgent email or phone call. I would then turn my focus into putting out that fire and soon there was another call or email that took me away from that fire and so on and so on and nothing much got accomplished, just a bunch of half done problems and projects! *sigh* I hate days like that!

I felt like the little boy that put his finger in the dike to save the village but other holes kept cropping up and I was running from one to the other trying to just stop the onslaught of water and to keep from drowning!

But...the good thing is I got through the day and lived to face another one tomorrow!

Then I came home to do one of my favorite and share what I eat!

Tonight was taco night, but instead of having a regular taco with all the goodies stuffed into a high carb corn tortilla, I opted for a lettuce wrap. All the goodness for less carbs! Win! 

Is that not a work of art? Just seasoned and browned ground beef on an leaf of iceberg lettuce topped with avocado, salsa and shredded cheddar cheese...simple and delicious!

Tucked in at the back of the wraps is a yummy Spicy Cajun Chicken Strip. Made those yesterday to watch while the San Diego Chargers and the San Francisco Forty-niners played. They didn't play each other, they played other teams, but they both won! Go California! 

So that was it, that was my Monday. Hopefully tomorrow will be smoother and if not you know what?? There's always food and sharing it on my blog!



  1. I don't believe that I ever had a day where everything I touched turned to gold...another substance comes to mind. I had many of those day where it seemed the harder worked the behinder I got, but somehow it all works out. Positivity! Keep it mind, realitivity is relative to ones frame of reference. My mother used to speak of those who could fall in an out house and come out with gold nuggets in their pockets. I kind found that I fell in gold mine and came out cover in crap. Its all a state of mind. Enjoy your weekend, the second full week of 2014 is licking at your heels.

    1. Haha! Your comments made me laugh! Pretty much my life has been more like your last example, falling into a gold mine and coming out covered in crap. But I'm kinda like a puppy in that aspect that I just shake it off and keep on trucking (pun intended since I insure mainly truckdrivers)!

      Yes, sometimes I have those days when I can sell oceanfront property in Arizona...but the sad truth it they are coming fewer and farther between. Part of it is I'm getting older and tired of working, but mainly it's the fact that due to the economy the single employee is doing the job of three other employees who were laid off when the shit hit the fan!

      I used to have an assistant and two producers over me that brought in the business. Now I'm supposed to sell and prospect and do the work my assistant used to do and of course, do my own job of servicing the clients we already have!

      But as everyone is quick to tell me, I need to just be grateful I have a job! A pleasure as always Sextant reading and responding to your delightful comments! :)


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