Monday, April 8, 2013

No Soliciting...this means YOU!

I’m not having a good day! Actually yesterday was a bad day too, so maybe I’m not going to have a good week?

I thought once a woman got to a certain age and a certain bodily function stopped, PMS was supposed to stop with it? Because that is sure not the case with me! Once I a month I still get really, really, really super irritated with the stupidity of people. The unfortunate thing is that I don’t realize it was PMS until a few days later, then I think, “Oh yeah…that’s why I was such a witch!”

But even though this is not a good day and I am feeling PMSey…I don’t think that I am wrong in being angry at people that can’t read and are too stupid to understand a simple concept written in plain English and posted on the door to our office!!

I realize, soliciting may be a big word to some people, but I am pretty sure that the lady that was here just now trying to sell me a deal on a Vegas getaway knew what the word meant. I told her quite nicely that I wasn’t a big fan of Vegas, don’t like all the cigarette smoke in the casino’s and she said, “Oh yeah, I totally agree, who wants to get cancer while on vacation” and then she proceeded to continue to try to tell me about their package!! I had to be rude and say, “No, seriously…I am not interested and walk away from her!”

That bugs the crap out of me, that someone can disregard a very nice request for “no soliciting” and come in and solicit anyway and then they FORCE ME to be rude to THEM!

I was just sitting here working and minding my own business and this little chick comes in here with her little spiel about Vegas!!!

And she’s not the only one, we get people coming in here all the time trying to sell us gym memberships, teeth whitening packages, paintings, purses, sunglasses, watches… heck, just this last Friday a man came in selling fresh meat out of this truck! Like I’m going to feed my family meat out of the back of some stranger’s truck!

Nope, I am not having a good day today. How is yours going?



  1. I think my day is going better than yours. PMS and soliciting, and you are lamenting that you were forced to be rude! Don't be rude get downright crude, and throw the B@*&h out on her @$$.

    Hope the rest of your day goes better.

    1. lol, trust I could have done that. But somehow I managed to restrain myself. Maybe if I hadn't been at work.

      On the bright side, it's cloudy and overcast and sprinkling gently, my favorite kind of weather and my co-worker brought me Starbucks, so maybe the day will get better!

    2. You said:

      "On the bright side, it's cloudy and overcast and sprinkling gently, my favorite kind of weather and my co-worker brought me Starbucks, so maybe the day will get better!"

      You warm the cockles of my heart, my dear. I never took you for an overcast and rain kind of person. As much as I loved the Mojave, I absolute ached in my Soul for a rainy day. I love them.

      I have a theory that people have a genetic predisposition for weather from their ethnic roots. Being from the stormy, gloomy, foggy, wet, rainy, cool Atlantic Isles, I have always attributed my love for rain as an Irish thing. You prove to be an exception.

      Alas, you'll never make a good Irisher, you are too damned happy.

    3. Yes, you would think that I would love the sun and hot weather having been born in Arizona, but no. I have always loved the rain and cloudy days. I even love fog as long as I don't have to drive in it! I don't know where I get my love of that type of weather from as I know both my parents get very depressed when they see a cloud in the sky!

      And I think I could be an honorary Irisher...I may be too damned happy but I'm a good drinker, I have a hot temper, I'm a great dancer and I assume the Irish are too hence the "Irish Jig", or maybe that's just because they are good drinkers?

  2. AAAAAAAHHH! Yeah, that was me screaming. I'm having a similar day. I think I'm PMSing too. We have our moments, but when it comes to PMS, everyone better get the H away from us. LOL! Hope your week turns out better.

    1. Uh oh! It's not good when both the females in the office are PMS'ing at the same


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