Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's Nice to be Appreciated!

It’s so nice to be appreciated!

This weekend I commented on a blog about a post on daffodils . They were so pretty and brought such joy to my heart that I commented that I was going to pick up some flowers for my desk at work to brighten my day.

Then imagine my surprise when I received these!!!

Our bosses just randomly sent these to my co-worker and me with a simple note that said “Our Sincere Thanks for your work efforts and loyalty!”

I thought that was pretty nice and we received them on Monday so we have been able to enjoy them all week! It’s so nice to know we are appreciated!



  1. Very lovely gesture from your bosses. Its driving me crazy, short trip, but I should be able to identify the tall yellow flowers in the back, it is a common road side wildflower that usually blooms mid to late summer. It is neat to see them in a professional arrangement.

    1. Those are snapdragons...there...quit going crazy!

    2. Too late. I told your short trip. Snap dragons, hmmmm, not what I was thinking but with my lousy memory, I can't think of the name. It does seem rather far fetched that florists would use roadside wildflowers, so snap dragons it is. Regardless they are beautiful.

      OK I concede defeat, I looked up snap dragons in my flower book, and just happened to run into the flower I was thinking of, mullein. Clearly not what you have, do a google image of mullein.

    3. That is very similar, maybe florists should gather them by the side of the road, much more cost effective.


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