Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why I Blog. Why do you?

I was reading a post from Audra over at Frugal Missus where she talked about how it had been a while since she had posted on her blog but it was always on the back of her mind and she wondered if she should start again and if anyone really wanted to read what she wrote. Then she came to the conclusion that her blog is her diary, her way to keep a record of what is going on in her life.

I kinda went "Amen" in my head because that was one of the major reasons why I started my blog. I've always loved to write but hated to write long hand with a pen and being able to just type on a screen sounded like a great idea to me.

And it the beginning I would write three or four posts a day. Just random stuff, not always personal. But then somewhere along the way I got sidetracked into wanting lots of followers and trying to write about things that might interest them. So now when I get an idea about a post I think, "no one wants to hear about that."

Reading Audra's post reminded me that I started writing for ME and I should continue writing for ME, no matter how boring and dull my life might be, it's my life and my thoughts and I should write about them if it makes me happy, right?

That's what I think I should do. For instance my plans for today include a trip to Goodwill to try to find some sweaters so I can make these awesome sweater pillows that were featured by Yvonne at Frugal Missus. Will I actually make them? Probably not. I'm great at getting excited about projects and buying all the supplies and then putting them aside for another project and starting all over again. But I get such joy from the thought of doing it and purchasing the projects that it's almost enough except for all the crap I have in drawers and boxes!

I also plan to go get groceries and have lunch with my mom. I plan to wash all my bedding and maybe wash my car. I plan to watch a few movies and read a little of my book. So I guess with all this planning going on I best get off of the computer and get to getting right? Ya'll have a great day!

OH...almost forgot, what about you, why do you blog? Or what's your typical Saturday like?



Angie said...

Great post. I've also felt like why should I blog. I started my blog inspired by you my friend then I just stop because I feel I'm not a good writer and who wants to read about my life and family. Recently I've had so many great stories that I want to write about but I've been so busy at work and at home. I need to make time for me. I enjoy reading other people's blogs and if they read mine great, if not, well it's my personal diary and my thoughts. It's like a book about my life and I can leave that to my girls when I'm no longer in this world. It will be valuable to my love ones to read about us online. Thanks for this inspiration and I'm going to blog right now.

Take care and God Bless. Have fun shopping and spending time with your momma.

Audra said...

Thank you dear blogging friend for featuring me in your post. Every thing you mention in this post is what I was feeling...and the comments that Angie state are the same reasons I felt compeled not to blog anymore. I wasn't sure where my niche was in the blogging world. I love DIY but I am hardly a carpenter, love to craft but not enough to sell on Etsy. I just felt lost in the rush to have more followers, more people visiting my blog every day that I lost the real reason I blogged. Then I became so sick that I could no longer work and I realized that if this illness progressed to the point of taking my life what did I have for my children, husband and family to look back on? So I am going to post what ever inspires me, what ever makes me happy and I don't care if I only have five comments, those five comments will make my day and help me realize that I have been blessed to have friends in many state and countries and that is more than I could ever have hoped for.

Paula@SweetPea said...

I enjoy documenting our trips, projects around our house, and crafts and food that I make. My blog motivates me to accomplish as much as I can in the little free time that I have.

Enjoy your time with your mom.

Alicia said...

Good Girl Chorizo! :)
Seriously I'm so glad I inspired you and Audra inspired me. This blogging world just is wonderful. You are a good writer and I love reading your posts and two years from now you will look back at some of things you wrote and cry and laugh, smile and just wonder at yourself and how much you've grown! Go live and write the book of your life!

Alicia said...

Ditto me too! I tried to be a tablescaping blog and that didn't work out, tried to be a foodie and oh gosh was that a mistake, tried to review books but find I forget what they were about before I get to reviewing So I guess I'm a jack of all trades, master of none kinda blog and that's ok by me. One day I may write something filled with inspiration and logic and one day what I write maybe boring as hell...but it's all me and whatever I write, it makes me happy and keeps me sane! :) So you keep writing my friend and like I told Angie above, go live and write the book of your life. It may never be published but someday your children will be thrilled you left it for them.

Alicia said...

And trust me Paula, I truly enjoy reading the blogs about your trips, kinda makes me feel like I took the trip as well. I love the project posts you do, I had never known what subway tile was until your bathroom remodel. Your crafts are out of this world and your food posts make my mouth water. But what I enjoy most about your blog is how much you love your mother and how much you love to share the special trinkets and knick knacks left to you by beloved aunts and grandmothers. It's wonderful to meet someone that still values heirlooms and doesn't look at them as just "old stuff".

Pondside said...

Mostly I blog as a sort of discipline. It gets me to write something a couple of times a week - gives me time to think a little - makes me stop and be quiet.

Alicia said...

Excellent point! Stop and be quiet! I know that we always seem to have the TV on, but when I blog I turn it off so I can hear my thoughts. I never thought about it but blogging makes me stop and be quiet!

Sextant said...

I used to keep a private journal on a word processor. This was a place where I would record my thoughts and new discoveries. What I found was that it descended into a personal pity party. Oh woe is me.

At one time I had a burning desire to write. Desire and skill are not synonymous. So what I find in blogging is that I fulfill my desire to write without doing to much harm other than wasting some server space. Writing in a public forum does three things: 1) It forces you to pay attention to the craft of writing: composition the piece, logical presentation of facts and ideas, use of proper grammar and spelling. 2) It welcomes a readership and comments. In a journal your thoughts become a static petrification and often are not even read again. In a blog where one has readers, even a small number, comments and interaction with others keep your thoughts dynamic. People provide additional ideas or experiences and some may disagree. You learn far more about your topic and people broaden your perspective. 3) It becomes a great place to gain new friends who are actually interested in interacting with you rather than adding your name to some social networking friend count.

Blogging is no doubt about the author, yet it is also about the readership. Journal writing is totally about the author...and when I was doing it, I found it went places that I didn't really wish to explore. In blogging you have to satisfy yourself, or it becomes a meaningless exercise, but you also have to appeal to your readers. It give you a place to express your thoughts to the world, but to do so intelligently and with compassion.

Alicia said... did exactly what you state in your comment. You provided interaction and additional ideas and experiences on why blog and why try to appeal to your readers.

It is true that I tend to me a little close, no, it's true. I know, I'm aware. But one of the things I love most about blogging is when someone disagrees with me or trys to get me to see another point of view. It does open your mind and as you say "keeps your thoughts dynamic".

Plus you have provided me with my quote for the year, "Desire and Skill are not Synonymous". Is that an original Sextant or had you seen that quote before? Regardless I'm loving it!

Thank you as always for providing intelligent and honest interaction, always a pleasure :)

Sextant said...

Desire and skill are not synonymous, the words, I believe is a Sextant original. The idea, of course, is as old as the failure of human endeavor.

I read once that there are no new ideas, everything is a rehash of something that a crowd of people have already thought.

I have never thought of you as being close minded. I believe that you are wrong about that.

Alicia said...

Actually I mature I find that I am more open minded. In my 30s and into my early 40s I was very black and white, right or wrong and I didn't have the time or interest in trying to hear anyone else's point of view.

As I've matured I have become more open minded and I think the reason is that now I look back and realize how stupid I must have seemed when I said "black is black" or "white is white".

A lot of it is being knocked around by life, you realize that nothing is forever and no one is always right Life is not white, black or even shades of gray it's a rainbow of thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences.

Sextant said...

You said: "It is true that I tend to be a little close, no, it's true. I know, I'm aware."

I said: "I have never thought of you as being close minded. I believe that you are wrong about that."

Then you said: "Actually I mature I find that I am more open minded. In my 30s and into my early 40s I was very black and white, right or wrong and I didn't have the time or interest in trying to hear anyone else's point of view."

And in saying that did you not prove your own point:

"But one of the things I love most about blogging is when someone disagrees with me or trys to get me to see another point of view. It does open your mind and as you say "keeps your thoughts dynamic".

Ergo your statement at the beginning of your first reply: " did exactly what you state in your comment. " applies to you as well as me.

You are one very smart lady and I find my discussions with you rather edifying.

Alicia said...

Touche Sextant! Thank you for the compliment. I enjoy our discussions as well and you've helped me to learn alot about myself. I appreciate your friendship and wise words!