Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Kicks!

Well another busy weekend in which I did a lot of stuff. I shopped alot, ate a bit and didn't get one thing done at home. Ok, wait! I forgot, I did get all my bedding washed, so that's quite an accomplishment considering it seems that I was hardly home all weekend.

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to look for some sweaters to make some adorable sweater pillows. Alas...not a cute sweater was to be found at Goodwill this week. But I am nothing if not a hunter and I shall be out there again next weekend shifting through clothing racks and looking for the perfect sweater to make a pillow out of!

I also got my grocery shopping done and bought all kinds of things to keep my new eating plan going. Not going to go into that right now, let's just say it's low-carb and I've already lost 8 pounds! Yay! I had a great lunch yesterday with my mom and a great lunch today with both my mom and my sister and best of all I got some new kicks! (Shoes for those of your not as cool and with it as I am.)

Aren't the just adorable? No I don't mean my cute little feet, I mean the shoes. I just love them. So comfortable and they just make you feel like you have a continuous massage going on! I love the color too. My sister bought a pair because Sketchers had a buy one get one half off sale, but hers are black. We both love them and wore them out of the store! I highly recommend them if you need good shoes to kick around with on the weekend! Sketchers claims they are walking shoes and while they are comfortable for walking, just make sure you only walk on a smooth surface, I wouldn't recommend them for hiking.
My next buy after I save up some more pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters are these.....
I just love the green color and they were so super comfortable! My mom also got two pairs of shoes and she was like a kid in a candy store and couldn't decide which ones she wanted.
So there's my weekend. It was a pretty great one and now I'm going to go finish watching The Golden Globes and have some dinner.
Have a great week ya'll!



  1. I like your shoes a lot! I hope you find those sweaters, because I'd like to see what you do with them.

    1. Thanks! I will keep trying. I would love to find something in a pretty shade of green or pink. I'll keep hunting!

  2. Hi Alicia, I love those shoes. I must not be as cool as you though because I had no clue what kicks were. :P It sounds like a great weekend. I have been going to thrift stores a lot lately. In fact, I'm out of control. I'm not looking for clothes though, I'm looking for paper. The kind that you write letters on. Yes, It's official. I am an addict. A paper addict. It's gotten so bad that I have a chest of drawers full of nothing but postcards, notecards, letter sets, envelopes,writing paper, scrap paper, stickers, etc. Five drawers full. I'm having fun though.

    1. Wow! Yes I see on facebook some of the beautiful creations you are making and receiving. You've always loved the written mail, I remember that from when we first became friends :)

      Yeah, so I'm pretty cool and with You know as soon as someone my age is cool enough to use the word "kicks" the youngsters will come up with something new...but Whatev right?


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