Friday, April 6, 2012

CEO Chorizo

It's been a while since I did a post about my little grand-puppy Chorizo. My daughter sent me the most adorable picture of her so I thought I would share. Here Chorizo is at her new job, sitting in her desk chair hard at work being super adorable! CEO Chorizo!!

Happy Easter to everyone!


  1. LOL! Chorizo looks like an executive. Get him a jacket and tie.

    1. Wouldn't that be cute? Except Chorizo is a girl, so we would have to get her girl executive clothes :-)

  2. Lady Chorlzo reminds me of that commercial where the dog is the CEO of some pet supply and asking
    do you see any potato chips or pretzels on the shelves.

    Last night our cats were snuggled together on the couch looking real cute. So I get the damn camera, fish it out of the case, turn it on, pull off the lens cap, raised the flash, square up the shot and just as I am ready to snap the picture the male jumps the female and bites her neck in a pre-copulatory stance. He turned it into a porn shot. The female whipped around and slapped him and jumped down. I couldn't even get the porn shot. They both have been fixed but they must have enough juices left that they are both always fooling around with innuendo. Cat world. It something of an unhappy place. Get one of them playing then the other walks in and sits and watches. The playing ends in a cat stare off.

  3. I just know that Chorizo must be a great boss!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Chorizo's adorable; maybe not exactly fit to be the great boss, but certainly fit to be his assistant.


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