Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rough Start to 2012

It's been a rough start to the new year for me and for my family! That's makes it a little hard to be the happy-go-lucky person I normally am, hence the grumpy Care Bear picture. That's about how I feel right now.

My dad, who is 80 years old is my main concern. This past Saturday my son called me to tell me something was wrong.  Dad lives alone and up to now even though we all worry about him, he's been ok. My son checks on his "Tata" every day.

Saturday my son called and told me that he drove up and my dad's truck is wrecked and he went inside to check on Tata and couldn't understand anything that Tata was saying. Now normally, that's not odd because my dad's first language is Spanish and my son's only language is English. Dad sometimes forgets his grandson doesn't speak Spanish and will babble away at him in Spanish, therefore Son has picked up quite a bit of the language. But Son said he couldn't understand anything that Dad was saying, he said that Tata was just making noises.

So I rushed right over and saw that my dad's truck had both front tires flat and the step-side on the passenger side was now in the bed of the truck and the passenger side mirror was just hanging on by a wire. I tried to get Dad to explain to me what happened to his truck but it was really difficult to understand. He seemed totally calm and was just sitting there watching TV but still he wasn't clear on how the accident had happened.

He said he thought he hit a parked car and went up on the curb and he remembers braking and stopping his truck before it could hit a fence. He said the police came and so did the fire department and the EMT's checked him out and he was fine. They called a tow truck for him and gave him a ride home and he didn't think to call anyone to let them know what had happened.

Needless to say he scared the crap out of me and my son. On the way to Dad's house I had called my sister and left her a voice mail that something was wrong with Dad, so shortly after that my sister got there. The more that we talked to Dad the more that we realized that something was wrong. He was having a really hard time getting his thoughts together and an even harder time verbalizing them. Pretty soon he was just babbling, making incoherent sounds and you could see by looking into his eyes that he realized that what he was thinking and what he was trying to say was not what was coming out of his mouth.

We realized that he might be having a stroke so we decided to take him to emergency. On the way out of town I told my sister that Dad had mentioned he had not eaten and the day before he thought he had food poisoning and he had spent the day vomiting. I told her that we were probably going to be in emergency for hours and it would be a long time before he could eat so maybe we should stop and get him something to eat. I know it sounds weird, but I also know my dad and I know that lack of food and the drop in blood sugar can really affect him.

We got him a burger and even though he still wasn't making sense in speaking he happily ate it. By the time we got to emergency he was making sense off and on. It turns out he did have what is known as a Transient Ischemic Attack aka TIA Mini Stroke. They admitted him and he did spend the night but he was allowed to come home the next day.

Now it's up to my sister, my brothers and me and all the various spouses concerned, to decide what step to take next with Dad. The great thing that came out of this is that we've all come together and everyone is 100% on board with doing whatever it takes to take care of dad. I'm very proud of my siblings and their spouses. Time will tell what we end up doing for dad, but for now he's ok and at home and everyone is checking on him often.

But that's not the end of why 2012 is rough year. Earlier this week my daughter was assaulted by a woman while in the course of her job. My daughter manages a motel. Part of her job description is that when "guests" don't want to check out at check out time, my daughter is the one that has to go and convince them that they must go. Well this time when my daughter knocked on the door to speak with the "guest", the "guest" came out of the room and shoved my daughter! My daughter of course said, "Don't you touch me" and at this the "guest hauled off an punched my daughter in the face and a fist fight ensued!

I've never known my daughter to fight. To stand up for the rights of others...yes, as she did for this child, see story HERE. But I have never known her to fight physically with her fists! But from what she says she got the best of this woman and hurt her more than she was hurt herself. Not that I care about that other woman, what I care about was seeing my poor baby bruised and battered. She called me right after and told me her employer wanted her to go to Urgent Care, so I left work immediately and went with her. She had a huge bluish knot on her left temple and the bridge of her nose was swollen. Luckily she was okay physically, but they never did catch the woman who did this. It's amazing to me that people feel that they are entitled to check into a motel and not leave when they are supposed to and not only not leave but injure innocent employees of the motel who are just doing their job!

So then a couple of days later my sister goes to the doctor for a simple rash. The doctor gives her some antibiotics and pain meds as it is very painful and inflamed. Sister returns to the doctor a few days later and they decide they will have to drain the infection using needles and my poor sister never thought it was going to be so involved or so painful. She called me right afterwards, sobbing in tears from the pain! She's going to be ok, but she is still in a lot of pain.

So there you go...what's next? I hope that all this drama in the beginning of the year means that the rest of the year is going to be nice and smooth and peaceful for my whole family. all be careful! We've had enough of emergency rooms, urgent care rooms and doctors!


  1. Holy Moley, Alicia! You and your family have had an over-abundance of craziness going on. Maybe, if you're lucky, this is both the start and finish of "bad stuff." :-)

  2. My wife says that things always come in threes. Not sure I believe that but lets hope that the infection was number 3.

    Good God Alicia, you have had a time of it. I hope things improve.

  3. Oh my word. Sounds like you definitely have had enough. Hopefully the rest of the year is super wonderful. Take care. Hugs, Marty

  4. Oh wow, that was rough! I hope everything gets smoother from here on out and that all your family members heal quickly.

  5. Oh dear have your hands full for sure. I will pray for your family.

  6. I'm so sorry to read all of this, Alicia. I hope that you have had your share of hard times for 2012 and that there will be no more upset or emergencies ahead.

  7. Your family being such a united family, it'll overcome anything in no time.
    You're right Alicia. The rough beginning is a sign that the rest of 2012's going to be smooth and peaceful.

  8. Sue,
    Oh I sure hope so! It's been rough. I haven't spent so much time with medical professionals in my whole life!

  9. Sextant,
    I've heard that things always come in three's as well. So maybe that's the end of it. I sure hope so. Thanks for the good wishes!

  10. Marty,
    Thank you so much and thanks for visiting. I'm sure the rest of the year will be better. Things are looking up!

  11. Della,
    Awww, Della, thanks so much. I really need to get over and visit you. I miss hearing your adventures of college and goats and seeing your beautiful outfits and accessories!

  12. Rebecca,
    Thank you for your prayers, they would be most welcome, let me tell ya!

  13. Pondside,
    I hope so too, from your fingertips to God's ears!

  14. DUTA,
    Yes it's true. I don't know what I would do without my families strength and support. We will definitely overcome this together.

  15. Good grief! It's only January 14 and you've already had a year's worth of bad things happen.

    I hope your dad will improve and be ok on your own.

  16. Sorry to hear all this going on the beginning of the year. Hope it gets better.

  17. Sorry to hear all this going on the beginning of the year. Hope it gets better.

  18. They say bad things come in 3s so hopefully your run of bad luck is over. I will keep your dad in my prayers. *hug*


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