Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blogger Problems and Frustrations and Upcoming Changes

I've been reading lately about tons of bloggers and commenters having problems posting, uploading photos, using widgets, losing posts and being unable to comment on certain blogs.

Not sure why this is all happening, but I have been following some information provided by Marianne at the blog Songbird. She has been doing a three-part series of some upcoming changes to blogger and GFC (Google Friend Connect).

I'm not sure if all the problems are due to the changes Blogger/Google will be making in the future, but it can't hurt to head over to Marianne's blog and start reading up on the changes and following her series.

With her guidance I am learning how to use my Google Reader and you know what? I really kind of like it!!! Alot!

So, here's the link the 1st part of 3 entitled:
How to follow your list of blogs the easy way: Part One

The 2nd post even includes a video...very helpful!
Follow Blogs with Google Read: Part Two

I haven't quite finished reading the 2nd part or watching the video. I kind of got hung up on creating folders and putting all of you in categories! That's right, you are all now categorized by who I think you are...lol. Isn't that terrible? But trust me, they are all nice categories and you know I love you all!

So if you are having problems with blogger/google issues maybe the changes are why? Even if you aren't, you probably should go ahead and learn to use a reader to follow all your fav bloggers so that you won't be lost and out wandering along in that vast flatland of Bloggerville, all alone with no one and nothing to guide you back to all your fav bloggy friends!


  1. Thank you for the link love! I am so glad my little series is helpful to people.
    Have fun using - your know perfectly organized - Google Reader. I hope I m in it.... :-)

  2. I need to check this out. I've not been able to open or comment on quite a few blogs lately.

  3. Well ,that is interesting. I will check it out.

  4. Thanks for the headsup, I'm gonna check it out.

  5. Hey Alicia!
    Thanks so much for visiting my "new" blog. I decided to take a break for a while but now I'm back. It's so nice have heard from you. Btw, I <3 your new (is it new?) masthead! Love that quote.

    Louise (& Sweets)

  6. Thanks Alicia.
    I'm certainly going to check it out. However, I'm like that - the more organized I try to get the less organized it all looks.

    I'm happy with how things are except when there's some problem (like inability to post comments on other blogs)and you cannot contact Blogger directly to get help.

    You have to turn to articles , forums or people who happen to have professional knowledge (lately, a follower by the name of Robert sent me a link which solved my problems of some ten days with the embedded comment form).

  7. Marianne...I should be thanking you! For introducing me to Google Reader and folders! I'm loving it. Of course you are in there!

    Thanks also for putting together your little series. I'm trying to get back there to finish watching your video and get more great ideas!

  8. Paula...I hear that so much, people having problems commenting. On thing I learned is when you go to the sign in page and you type in your user name & password, there is a little box that says "Keep me signed in" or something to that affect...just uncheck it and you shouldn't have problems commenting..

  9. Rebecca...It really is interesting and so great to know what's going to be happening with blogger!

  10. Angie...you have more time than me so if you learn anything new, keep me informed ok?

  11. Louise... You are so welcome. So glad to have you back and with a new blog to boot! I've missed Sweets! Yep, that is my new masthead...it reminds me of me as a little girl, sans the wings of course...lol.

  12. DUTA...It is great when you can find someone to help you. Luckily bloggers are all pretty friendly. I'm trying right now to find someone to help me set up comments so you can have a running conversation with each blogger,instead of just responding to comments this way. I'll get it, I just have to keep doing research.

  13. I remember when I used to be with Blogger when I first started blogging about Sweets, I remember how frustrating it could be. Hope you had a great day, Alicia.


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