Thursday, April 14, 2011

I've been A.W.O.L.

So I've pretty much been absent from my little blog here. I've had the "blahs" I'm afraid. Just personal things going on that for a while now have brought my spirits down and left me with nothing but ugly, negative things in my head. Today I'm feeling a little more myself and I felt like blogging about random things because this is off the cuff, not planned or anything.

First random thought is that even though I've had the blues I've kept up with my low-carb, high-protein diet. Have I lost anymore weight? Well ...NO. But I haven't gained any either (always keeping that glass half-full over here). I have a feeling tomorrow when I weigh in I'll have lost a bit as I feel lighter, but if not, it's ok cause I know I won't cheat or revert back to my old eating habits!

Second random thought ties in with the first one. Because I have lost weight the clothing I was wearing was starting to look sloppy because it was WAY TOO BIG. Can I get a "hallelujah"? No you know what...lets all sing it, c'mon, a little sing along to lift our spirits! I've even provided the words.

See...don't you feel better now. I hope you sang that at the top of your lungs cause remember. . .

Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like no-one's watching.
Sing like no-one's listening.
Live like there's no tomorrow.
Fear like a stone.

Back to my too-big clothing. This past weekend I did what my mom loves to do. I took her thrifting. I can remember back in the old days when I used to go thrifting and I would buy all kinds of cute little nick-nacks and things for my home; dishes, cups, picture frames and assorted what-nots. But my little house is fair to bursting with stuff & I've promised myself for over a year now that I won't buy any more little treasures until I have a yard sale and clean out my garage.

I did however browse the clothing aisles and I found several items. For about $30 I scored 5 pairs of dress pants, 1 pair of capri pants and 5 blouses that can be worn to work. I'm wearing one now in fact! I know it's going to be hard to keep replacing my wardrobe as I continue to lose weight, so thrifting is perfect for me! I have new clothes (new to me) and at a fraction of the price. Aren't you proud of me?

Third random thought is this little item here:

Have any of you used this product before? I LOVE it! I am prone to oily skin but as I love to wear makeup I had a hard time wiping the oiliness off without removing the makeup as well and ending up at the end of the day as this bland, colorless, beige person. Now, thanks to these, I just gently blot the oiliness away and it really does not smudge or remove makeup!!! You all have got to try these. (Thanks April for turning me on to these little gems!)

And one more little thing...because I'm being better at what I eat I realize I need to drink more water. Problem is, I hate water...Yuk! I mean I can drink it if I have to, or if I get thirsty, but I was lucky if I would drink 16 ounces in a week! Now I'm drinking water like its going out of style and these are the reason why.

Have you guys tried these??? I love them, especially the Wild Strawberry flavor! Ok, so that's all the random thoughts I have for today. I hope to begin my little blogging adventure again in the next few days as I still have things to share from my trip to Sacramento and I have a couple of book reviews and stuff. I also haven't done an Iwanna Wednesday in a while and I miss them.
Thanks for sticking by me. I know many of you continue to come check to see if I've posted anything new and I appreciate it. Hugs to all of you my friends, family, followers and readers!


  1. I'm so glad you are back! I missed you and your sweet comments. :)

    You have got to show off your new-to-you purchases! I went thrifting with my little sister and found some great items.

  2. That was a great blog entry for many reasons. I, too, hate drinking water but for my diet I am trying to be good and drink more. I also love thrifting when I go the states. You should see the thrift shops up here. They are complete garbage. Terrible!

    Thanks for the well-wishes for Sweets. I really appreciate it. He starts his premeds tomorrow morning. I am so worried about him. I will def. keep you updated.

    I am glad you are in a more positive place. Especially being in a more positive place and not having gained weight. I must say, that's quite the feat. When I get down I tend to eat, eat, eat. Bad me!


  3. So glad to see a new post. I know I talk/text/email you several times a day. But I guess that is just not enough. love ya sis

  4. I hope you feel better after posting this, because it made me feel great. Good for you for maintaining your weight!...and isn't it fun to get those thrifty bargains to pump up your wardrobe!?

  5. Della - Sweet, little, well-dressed Della. I've missed visiting you as well. I'm hoping to take some photos of me wearing my "new to me" new clothes. I can't quite pull off those fabulous poses you do, but I'll try my best :-D

  6. Louise - I know what you mean. When you get down at least you always know that food is there to hold you close and comfort you...but I'm really enjoying my new way of eating and finding that I feel guilty if I don't eat this way. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Anonymous aka my little sister Lisa - I'm amazed you still want to read my written word after reading it all day Glad you do though!

  8. Pondside - It did make me feel better to post and I'm glad that you enjoyed it as well. Now I'm off to visit you :-D

  9. Congratulations on your weight loss! As a carb addict, I admire anyone with the willpower to go on a low carb diet.

    Crysal Light is so good! I haven't tried the one bottle serving size, but there's always a pitcher of CL lemonaide and Stawberry Kiwi in my refrigerator.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I saw your post over on Jimmy Moore's Menu blog. I just wanted to let you know that the thing that tends to slow down low carbers in weight loss is restricting calories and fat. Have you tried adding organic spectrum coconut oil to your stir fries? The coconut oil really stokes the metabolism. I highly recommend it. The only thing is you will feel really warm.

  11. Paula - Thanks. It hasn't been as hard as you might think. The only thing I really miss is going out on Friday nights with my sister to eat Mexican Food and not being able to partake of Chips and Salsa and Margaritas. I'm a chip fiend!

  12. CADreamin - Well being warm wouldn't be such a bad thing for me. I feel like I'm always freezing to death. I'm going to try the coconut oil and see if I can't give my metabolism a little help. Thank you so much for the advice!

  13. Alicia, I am happy for you re: your weight loss! It is not an easy task, especially when mean ol' mother nature starts playing tricks w/our bodies. LOL I have fallen by the wayside in my own endeavor. I'm addicted to chocolates and other treats! Hope you enjoy a wonderful Easter celebration! xo Sue

  14. Hahaha... couldn't agree with you more about the water (64 oz a day), and was having a really hard time with it, but now that I've found CI packets, it's so much easier!! I found them at WM for the cheapest price (box of 10).


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