Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Memory

There are going to be lots of Easter Egg Hunts tomorrow. Lot's of little boys and girls all dressed up for Easter running around with their loving parents behind them with cameras and video recorders running. Wonderful memories will be made tomorrow, chocolate eggs, plastic eggs filled with candy and/or money, confetti eggs being cracked on the heads of loved ones...good times.

I've always loved Easter Egg Hunts even though I have never been very good at them. I remember when I was smaller all my cousins would find tons of eggs and I might have one or two.

I will always remember one Easter when we lived in Arizona and we were hunting eggs with all my cousins on the Bruce Church Ranch where we lived. There was a line of mailboxes, about 12 of them and there was an egg hidden in each one.

My dad whispered in my ear "Go look in the mailbox" because he knew what a lousy little egg gatherer I was. I ran to the first one, opened it and JOY...there was a bright beautiful egg. I grabbed it, put it in my basket and ran back to my daddy. Then I turned around to look for more and I saw my cousin Elpedia run and open each mailbox and there was an egg in each one. I burst into tears!

My dad knew that I was again...a lousy little egg gatherer so he told me not to worry and went to the car and brought out a bag full of Easter candy for me. Nothing soothes having an Easter basket empty of colored Easter eggs than filling it with lovely Easter candy!

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. What a sweet Easter memory. Your dad was special. Happy Easter.

  2. What a great story! Your dad sounds like a very thoughtful, special person.

    I hope you enjoyed your Easter!

  3. That was so sweet of your dad. You almost made me cry. Beautiful story.

  4. Alicia, you're very good at telling memories. This time, the grand hero of your memories is definitely your Dad.

  5. I love reading about childhood memories--dear to us and also what shaped us into who we are today. I also enjoyed your book reviews. Love the quote at the top of your blog!

  6. Awww!! What a sweet memory about your dad!! So special!

  7. That is so sweet!!!

    Thanks for your well wishes about Sweets. He is back to his normal self now.


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