Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Iwanna Wednesday - The Chilean Miners Rescue

Last night I sat down to finish up my Iwanna Wednesday post when my mom told me to watch Channel 46. I normally don't watch TV when I'm writing a blog post, but you gotta do what your mom tells you to do right?

Channel 46 turned out to be CNN and what she wanted me to see was that the rescue capsule that was going to be used to rescue the Chilean Miners had just begun it's descent into the depths of the Earth to attempt rescue of the first minor that had been trapped for 69 days. I was hooked!

I watched the rescue of the first 4 miners before I finally had to get some sleep. First thing in the morning I turned on my television and continued to watch rescue's while I prepared to go to work. I watched right up to the last minute before I headed off to work.

Off and on throughout the day I logged on to CNN which was running a live feed. Thank you to CNN for doing that and allowing everyone to share in the joy and miracle of the rescue's.

I was so amazed all day that I was able to watch LIVE what was happening not only in Chile, but 1/2 a mile under the earth as well! To watch the capsule entering the area where the miners were waiting. To see them run to jump into the capsule. To watch the faces on their family members and loved ones waiting and then finally catching a glimpse of their miner. It was truly awesome, literally...I was in awe!

Today for Iwanna Wednesday I find that there is nothing Iwanna, 
my heart is full!

Mission Accomplished Chile!


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