Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thrift Shop Treasures

Once again it's time to show off my thrift shop treasures. I'm joining again Rhoda's "Southern Hospitality's" Thrifting Treasures party. Be sure to go visit Rhoda and all the other party goer's and see what treasures they found.

I didn't get around to much thrifting this weekend. Too many errands to do. I had a fix-it man come fix my leaking toilet on Saturday morning. Then I also had to pick up my lower mower which was being repaired and I also had to get my car smogged. Pretty much took up all my yard-saleing, thrift shopping time!

Luckily I did make my Friday after work visit to the American Cancer Society's Discovery Store...where I scored that beautiful kitchen table a couple of weeks ago!

This week I found something really special and it was only $2.00! It's a home decorating book/binder! And I love it!

Here's the front cover. The title is Creative Home Decorating, Easy Ideas for a Beautiful Home. It's published by International Masters Publishers. It's one of those companies where they send you a set of cards every month until you have the whole collection. It doesn't seem like they have this particular collection for sale anymore but the ones they do have charge about $7.95 for a set of cards. So this book probably cost someone between $240 to $300, and I got it for $2.00!! Whhhooooo hooooooo!

As you can see it's a pretty thick book and it's totally a complete set!

The first page of each card shows a project. . . (click on the photo to enlarge details)

then the page folds open with instructions and pictures to help you do the project.

The last page shows a couple of other different ideas using the same technique.

I don't know how many of these projects I will actually end up doing, but I did find one idea for someones birthday that is coming up in October. But Shush, it's a secret.

I didn't link up to Rhoda's party last week because I went to visit my daughter in Turlock, but I did do some thrift store shopping and found some treasures to share with you.

I found these cute little plastic "molcajete's". These molcajetes will not be used to make or serve the dish I told you about from my dinner at Mi Casa. Nope, these little beauties will be for guacamole or salsa, maybe a pico de gallo. Mmmmm, mouth is watering already! Don't you love the bright happy colors? And guess what? They were only 19cents each!

Here's another 19cent item. A cute little salt shaker. What I loved about this shaker is the color. I love green in any shade. It makes me feel calm and happy.

Also found a beautiful leaf plate to display for Autumn and a lovely wrought iron plate holder to hold it.

I hung it in my living room next to another thrift store treasure that I bought many months ago, this mirrored window. I have a small shelf I want to place underneath, but I haven't had the time or energy to paint it. I'm thinking that I'm going to do a plate of the month. Like this one will be for September since that is the month Autumn officially starts, then I'll do a turkey plate for Thanksgiving, a Christmas plate, etc. Not sure what to do for New Years, any ideas?

On a side note I bought this pretty little dish at Big Lots on Friday night after having dinner with my mom and my sister. Isn't it awesome? I love the color and I'm a big fan of butterflies already! See butterflies here, here, and over here. This was a thrifting bargain since it was reduced to $3.00.

So that's it for this week. I'm heading over to Rhoda's to see what treasures everyone else scored. Please feel free to become a follower and have a great week!


  1. That big decorating book was a fabulous find. You will enjoy that.
    And those bright what ever you called them are so sute!

  2. Super great finds. That book looks so interesting. Your plates and dishes are just wonderful too. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  3. You found some fun items Alicia. So you are in Shafter. I'm pretty sure I spent some time in my youth in Shafter with some Russian families that lived there...
    Hope it cools down soon...

  4. What a big binder! I hope you find some fun projects in there.

    Those are really cute!

  5. Wow that binder probably could keep you busy for a loooong time. Love it.

  6. Hi Alicia- What colorful little bowls to hold your salsa! I like your leaf plate- I am so ready for fall. You laughed at my thinking being in the 89's is hot! Well, when it is 95% humidity on top of that- it's equivalent to your 105 degrees!LOL Oh, and I'll probably add a little vodka to my Arnold Palmer!! *grin*

  7. what great finds! that book looks so cool. i love design books, and that looks like a great one.

  8. If you go to your Big Lots, look in the craft/scrap book section for the rub-ons. My store had some fun letters too. Oh yeah, I got 3 bags of sea glass for 2.99 each, in the candle section.

  9. Super finds! Love the colors of rthe salsa bowls!

  10. The little butterfly dish from Big Lots is so cute. I love that store, you never know what you will find.

  11. Now you are a rich lady with such treasures. Lovely items all of them Enjoy!

  12. Great finds. I love the bowls and the food will look wonderful in them. The binder with all the cardsin them will really give you allot of ideals for future projects. My first visit, great blog.

  13. What a cool book you found! I love those little footed bowls. Those will be perfect for salsa etc!

    Thanks for coming by to see my thrifty finds!


  14. I love teh decorating book! You are a good friend to part with it! Love the butterfly dish!...Debbie

  15. Great finds - especially the book. Looks like something I could look at for hours.

  16. Hi, Alicia, great finds this week, thanks for sharing.

  17. Sorry to bug you again. I'm guessing the Russian funeral practices you talked about were for Molokans. This is a small tight religious/cultural group in the world of Russians. They have very specific practices. My family was part of this group but left in the 60's and became part of a Russian Baptist community. TMI? :0)

  18. WOW!! I love it all! Especially the autumn plate!!!

  19. Thanks for stopping in to say hello yesterday! I love all of your fabulous finds. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  20. I could spend hours looking at your decorating binder. I am sure that it will inspire many new projects!

  21. What a great deal on the book, fun just to look if nothing else.

    Love the plate and the holder too!

    Ideas for other plates, does not always have to go along with a holiday/season. For those "off" months, a pretty transferware or toile print, etc.

    Having said above for January you could always go with a snowman plate.

    Have fun with, the trouble with ideas like that for me is I get to busy to change them out and then all of sudden I would still have a snowman plate being displayed for Easter. :)

  22. You found some great pieces! That notebook has so many things that will inspire you and therefore us.

    I have been looking for bowls just like those for salsa and other dips. Score for you!

    I love the colors of the little butterfly dish.

    For the New Year's Plate, I might put a silver plate on the holder and add some blue and metallic ribbons hanging down from the holder itself. (making it took festive and partyish)


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