Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Reunion - Another Grand Adventure

     It seems that lately I spend more time on the road than I do at home. I was in Lake Tahoe on October 6th, then I was at the Pomona RV Show for Lisa's birthday trip on October 13th. 

     On the weekend of October 20th I didn't stray as far but I still attended a Halloween party put on my friend Connie and her family, I haven't blogged about that one yet, but I will along with photos of my fabulous costume that I wish I could just wear every day in real life!

     But my sister Lisa and I shared another very special trip this Saturday, October 27th. We drove our mother to Santa Maria (a 2 1/2 hour car trip) to visit her sister-in-law, our Aunt Leonor. Aunt Leonor is the sister of my dad and they had not seen each other since the funeral for my dad in 2013.

Mom is the tall one with the cane (Tia Leonor won't use one!)
     Even though it had been many years, these two picked up right where they left off, talking about family and friends, sharing memories of days gone by and getting caught up on who had already passed on. 

     There was also quite a bit of conversation about whose aches and pains were worse than the others, which Lisa and I giggled about as we do the same thing. 

     It was a beautiful thing to see these two women together again. They'd been great friends for years and their husbands were always willing accomplices for their trips to the Casinos and shopping.

     Now they are both in their 80's, they've had their mishaps and falls. They have their medical issues and can't move around like they used to, but you just can't quell that fighting spirit, the will to still get out there and do some gardening or clean your windows. To take long car trips to visit each other even when you know that those car trips will leave you exhausted and trying to regain your strength in the week that follows.

     I know that there will come a time when mom can't do those long car trips any longer. We're hoping to be able to take her to Arizona next month, but we are waiting for the go-ahead from her doctor before we can make any plans.

     But for this one day, these two friends, these two sisters were able to be together and to relive happier times and I'm so happy that Lisa and I were able to do this for them.


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    1. Thanks Rebecca! I've spent many a year with these two women and it was always a "hoot" to listen to them. This visit was no exception :)

  2. What a lovely post and so wonderful that you could do that for your Mom and Aunt. I can't wait to see your costume and I would love the recipe for your green chile enchiladas! Yum!

    1. Thanks Sam! I'm working on that Halloween post, there's just not enough hours in the day! And definitely I will do a post on my green chile enchiladas, super easy!

  3. Such a wonderful post! I love the picture!! Big Hugs!

  4. That's a very moving picture of your Mom and aunt Leonor! The two women look good and happy to see each other. You and Lisa are angels to have enabled this reunion.

    1. Thanks DUTA, it was our honor and pleasure and I'm sure my dad was smiling down at this reunion between his sister and his wife, friends to the end!


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