Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Beautiful Wedding - A New Life Together

Who doesn't love a wedding? On April 23rd, I had the honor and pleasure to attend the wedding of my nephew Sean, the son of my sister Lisa. It was a joyous occasion!

The day before the wedding the weather was horrible, the wind blowing like crazy, lightening, thunder, hail, rain, flooding! And the wedding was planned in an outdoor setting! The couple didn't even have a chance to hold their rehearsal because of the weather.

But the wedding day dawned bright and beautiful, much like the love between Sean and his beautiful beloved bride to be, Rocio!

Remember Baby J? I think this was the last picture I posted of her on my blog. Our little Minnie Mouse.

Minnie Mouse has grown up into a beautiful little girl who was the flower girl at her daddy's wedding. Here she is with Baby J's Nini and Poppa, my sister Lisa and her husband Sean Sr. Just Precious!

Don't my sister and her husband look way to young and gorgeous to be grandparents?

Of course I had to pin down that little flower girl and get a picture taken with her. She was starving and not about to let go of her bread so this was the best shot of all the photos I took with her and in every photo this little doll was eating! And eating carbs at that!

The Groom has three brothers who were all part of the wedding party as well. From left to right, Richard aka Richie, the oldest; Edward, then the baby of the family, Issac aka Ikie. Handsome boys!

The father of the four brothers, Sean Sr only knew how to deal with boys since he never had a daughter, but then this little Princess came into the picture and wrapped her Poppa around her little finger and life was never the same again! Here he is helping her to put her slippers back on! Like Cinderella and her Prince!

As you can see there's a lot of dirt in these photos. It was a year ago when the bride and groom choose this venue for their wedding and it was grassy and beautiful. Perhaps you've heard on the news that California is going through a drought? Well this is the result of the drought. Because this venue was outside the city limits and part of a running farm whose well dried up, the farmer was forced to use the water he has been able to get to nurture his animals and crops and not to water the lawns. A sad reality in California right now. But this couple persevered and the wedding was beautiful, dirt and all!

I wish my dad could have been here to see his "Tony" get married. Dad always called him Tony as his name is Sean Anthony. My mom was in attendance though, nothing could keep her away even though just a few weeks earlier she had been hospitalized for five days with double pneumonia! She was so happy for Sean, she's beaming in this picture!

The day was gorgeous, the bride and groom so much in love, weddings are so great!  Here's the new little family and I see so much happiness and joy in their future.

But as we all know, in marriage there are those days when you wonder, "why did I do this?" Just in case I want to post this video of a beautiful song by Kenny Chesney so that this couple always remembers this wedding day, their courtship and the many days filled with "The Good Stuff" that they will have in their future together and just let go of anything else because there will always be more "good stuff" than bad. Love you both Sean and Rocio!



  1. Love these photos! Congratulations to your Auntie! And of course congratulations to the happy couple and new family!

  2. A family wedding is just the best time! Your little grandniece is a sweetie in her flower girl dress. I loved the picture of her grandfather helping her with her wee shoe - I can see that she has him wrapped around her little finger!

  3. Good luck to the newly wed couple! Best wishes to the families!
    As usual, baby j steals the show.
    May you have only happy events in your life such as this wedding!

  4. Your post are always a joy and an experience to read. I love each and every one of them. But I believe this is the one post that struck me as the most profound. You truly have a way with words.

  5. Thank you Hbksloss - Heidi! It was one of the first weddings our family has had in a long time and it was so much fun and such a happy event!

  6. DUTA - Thank you! Yes, Baby J is a jewel! And thank you for the great comment about only happy events in my life :)

  7. Eliza Caudillo - Lisa, I am glad that you love it. Thank you but sometimes it's easy if you just write from your heart. :)

  8. Pondside - Yes, it's very entertaining to see this big giant of a man that raised 4 boys be so smitten by this tiny little girl. She's grabbed his heart for sure!

  9. Great post Alicia, like always. This one is extra special since it was a family wedding. The pictures are beautiful and congrats to the newly weds.


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