Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why you should go see Magic Mike XXL

Photo Credit - Intouch Weekly 
Went to see Magic Mike last night with a group of girlfriends to celebrate the birthday of one of their daughters who turned 24. O.M.G.!!! 

I had never seen the first one, never even had a remote interest in it, but O.M.G.!!! I can see why women are gaga for this movie. 

The story line was ridiculous, they start out on their trip to the Strippers Convention at Myrtle Beach in what is basically a glorified taco truck turned into a FroYo Mobile. (FroYo for those not in the know is frozen yogurt.) 

They end up getting to the Strippers Convention in a Rolls Royce convertible…c’mon!!! Seriously? 

The people they meet along the way are gorgeous, rich and successful and more than willing to help out a band of good looking, hunky male strippers, while getting absolutely nothing in return. 

Wait, I take that back…one of the characters played by one of my favorite actresses, Andie MacDowell, gets to spend a passionate night with one of the strippers after exclaiming that she wished that she had known them back in her day and he tells her with a smoldering look, “I’d say it’s still your day, ma’am!” We women in the audience just swooned and you could hear from the sighs that we were all imagining him saying that to us!

Channing Tatum is so physically fit. I don't know if he really performs all those dance moves but as Andie MacDowells character says in the movie "Dayyum!".

So why do I think you should go see this movie? Cause it's fun! The music was fun, the dancing is phenomenal and it's great to go with a group of girl friends and just have fun and hoot and holler and growl! 

And we all need a little more DAYYUM in our lives!



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