Friday, March 13, 2015

Baby J Every Day...she's not just for Sunday anymore

I haven't done a Baby J Sunday post for a while. We still get a super fun visit from that little cutie pie every weekend, but it's getting harder and harder to snap pictures of her because she's always on the go! Such energy that child has!

This last weekend I was able to snap some photos of her while she was quietly drawing on the Dry Erase Board I got for her that she loves!

I love how comfortable she looks laying on her tummy! You get to my age and not only can you not lay on your tummy like that but you probably can't get back off the floor either!

She has the sweetest expressions and just loving her hair!

She was telling me a story about whatever it was she was drawing. Not sure what the story was about but the orange dry erase marker was important to the theme!

I don't know...but by they look on her face I would say she's plotting something!

She's back and focused on her drawing. That Dimple!!! That Dimple!!!

How I love this child!



  1. I see she has her trademark pink on again. What a cutey!

    1. She does love her pink! My mom used to dress us in nothing but red because that was her favorite color. My mom hated pink and never dressed us in that. I guess Baby J's mom loves pink! She is a cutey, I have to agree!


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