Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Smile on an Old Piano

My sister Lisa is an old softy. She is very sensitive to peoples feelings, and not just peoples feelings, she is sensitive to the feelings of inanimate objects. 

Many times when we've been shopping together she's pointed out a pair of shoes or a blouse or purse and I'd tell her, "Eww, that's ugly!"  She gets mad at me and tell me not to say that for fear of hurting the feelings of the shoes, blouse or purse!

I laugh at her and tell her she's nuts. She's at the point now that she won't show me anything for fear I'll hurt it's feelings.

But I watched this video and tell me if you don't see what I see in the video. I see the piano smiling with joy at being able to produce beautiful music again. And the joy in Rick, the musician is equally noticeable. This made me smile too, hope it makes you smile.



  1. What a great video. It definitely made me smile. The piano and the musician are a perfect match. Such joy between them. :)

  2. My wife's parents had an old rebuilt player piano and it sounded just like that. I believe it when the guy said he got more than 75 bucks worth of fun of it. Neat video.

  3. This is such a great video!


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