Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where are the Interesting People?

Oh my goodness! I am so bored. Thinking of joining the Army just so I can have some excitement in my life. Oh c’mon…who am I kidding, the Army wouldn’t take me if I paid them!

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Do you ever have those moments at your job when it just become repetition? I’m having one of those days/weeks/months/years! I would just like a little excitement, something out of the norm. But as I constantly hear from everyone I complain to, “You should just be grateful you have a job!” I am…I’m grateful! But is it too much to ask that things get a little more interesting?

 I work in insurance…I know, that sounds boring just from the get-go. But interesting people have to buy insurance right?

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 Keanu Reeves for instance. I’m sure he owns a house, cars, boat, definitely he owns a motorcycle? So why isn’t he walking into my office looking for insurance? Someone has to provide it for him right? Plus I’ll throw in lunch and a weekend trip (with me)! Yowza!

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 I specialize in transportation insurance coverage, why can’t Lisa Kelly from the show Ice Road Truckers wander in or call me looking for insurance? I’m not sure I have a market for someone who makes a living driving a vehicle weighing over 80,000 pounds over ice covered Alaskan wilderness, but wouldn't it be fun just to chat with her? She and I would probably become BFF’s and maybe she would invite me along on a trucking trip with her, that would be a blast!

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Taylor Swift  reportedly just bought a small $17M cottage in Rhode Island. Ok, so I’m not licensed to sell insurance in Rhode Island, but again… wouldn't it be just awesome and out of the ordinary to have her call me for a referral? I have Google, surely I can find her an agent in Rhode Island that would help her…plus I have some great song ideas about ex’s too!

 How about you? Does your J.O.B. float your boat or is it just the job that pays the bills?

Disclaimer: Just in case my boss reads this post. Love my job, love my clients, love my co-workers, just need a challenge and some excitement thrown in!



  1. I got excited just reading your post. My job/career has been lagging some excitement too. I'm kind of bored. That's why I'm taking a vacation to Vegas soon. Just to bring in some excitement into my life and my husbands life too. We have 2 little monkeys at home that can also suck your life away. LOL! Love your post. Hey, we should have some Starbucks later! How's that for some little excitement in the office. LOL!

    1. Have fun in Vegas and remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...unless you blog about it like I

  2. Can't say how to make your job less boring. Maybe ask each customer to tell you something interesting about themselves. Everyone is interesting in some way.

    Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby, Sunday is Cinco de Mayo. If you are bored this weekend then you are beyond hope.

    So get out the margarita mix, the nachos and salsa, pick a horse, get half kicked in the ass, and be thankful you are not writing policies!

    1. I have asked for challenges in learning how to underwrite new lines of business, but when I ask for that they think I want more work and so they give me lists to cold call to bring in new business. I don't want to do that, I want to learn new things!!!!

      But regardless, it's a job.

      I have never watched the Kentucky Derby but I hear it's great because so many women are wearing wonderful hats! I love hats! I'm sure that's why you watch it too :)

      Tomorrow is my daddy's birthday, so we are going to try to do something to brighten his day, not sure what since he can't leave the facility, but if nothing else we will be with him, grateful that he is with us yet another year and hopeful he will be with us next year too!

      Cinco de!! I'm starting tonight. I found a great recipe for Muddled Strawberries and Mint Mojito's. It's on my Pinterest board which I'm sure you visit Carbs be damned this weekend because I'm eating my weight in tortilla chips and guacamole!

      Feliz Cinco de Mayo Senor Sextant. Que viva la Raza!!!

  3. Well, as one who meets a lot of very, very colourful people in her work, I'm here to tell you that sometimes a little quiet and 'same old' can be a good thing! It's like our hair - if it's curly we want straight and if it's straight we want curly. :) (I want curly!)

  4. Bingo! You hit it square on the nose, we are never I guess I'll just be happy with my same old, same old!


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