Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Bliss Point of Cheetos

     You know how they say "You can't eat just one" about Lays Potato Chips? Well that's how I feel about Cheetos. More precisely, Cheetos Crunchy.

     I love them to pieces and am totally addicted to them. I can sit and eat until I've eaten the whole bag! 

     Cheetos are what I used to love to snack on at work to  help me relieve stress and they just plain make me happy.

     Unfortunately Cheetos don't fit into my new low carb, gluten free style. Check out the nutrition information. 21 little pieces of heaven are 13 grams of carbs! When you are trying to stay within 20 to 24 grams of carbs per day you would use up your whole carb count with just a small snack, let alone eating the whole bag!

     For me the hardest part of eating low carb is not being able to eat  Cheetos or chips of any kind. So I am always looking for low carb alternatives for crunchy salty snacks.

     Today I was checking out low carb recipes on Pinterest and I found a recipe for Cheese Crackers on Low Carb Layla's blog. I am just  amazed that people come up with these low carb snacks and meals!!!

     So I thought I would give them a try. According to Layla you take a slice of Deluxe American Cheese. Yes, that's right, a slice of plain old American Cheese. She states she's only had success with the Deluxe brand of American Cheese but all I had was regular Kraft so I gave it a try and they came out beautifully!

     Pardon the horrible photo but it was about 8pm and I took this with my cell phone camera in my very much unlit kitchen. Aren't they adorable? And they are very, very good and make your whole house smell delightful! So much so that my son came out wanting to know what that heavenly scent was and I had to make a couple of batches for him.

     It's easy peasy...you take a slice of cheese and cut it into sixteen pieces, then you place the pieces on a piece of parchment paper. I cut mine into a circle and reused it for about 20 batches. You place the small squares of cheese around the edge of the paper and then what ever you have left over in the middle. I actually ended up liking the ones in the middle better than the ones outside, they browned a bit more and were crunchier. 

     The time you set the microwave for depends on your microwave. Layla says hers come out perfect at 38 seconds but I have to run mine for 60 seconds, my first ones were a bit chewy.

     I am having fun trying out these low carb recipes that I find on Pinterest. I also tried making an Orange Creamsicle Mousse tonight but haven't had a chance to taste it. I'll try to photograph it tomorrow, I'm taking some to work to share with my co-worker/friend who is also low-carbing it with me.



  1. Is it just cheese only or is the cheese melted on crackers? By the way, I admire your perserverence.

    1. It is just the cheese!!! I was shocked that just cheese would do that. You just see them bubble up to look like little UFO's and when they come out of the microwave you peel them off the parchement paper, they aren't even hot; set them on a plate and as they cool off they get super crunchy!

      Well my friend, my doctor has given me 2 months to get my weight down, my cholesterol down and my blood sugar down or she's going to put me on meds and I hate meds. I know last time when I lose 27 lbs she was so proud of me for losing weight and she didn't even know I was doing low carb, most doctors poo-poo it because of the high protein, high fat content, but I believe in it totally! I never feel better than when I cut carbs out of my diet, my body just doesn't handle them well.

  2. Hmmm, they look good. I'm going to have to try these. I'm glad you are finally trying some recipes.

    1. We should try different types of cheese, I bet Pepper Jack cheese would be yummy. I can't let you do all the work of trying new recipes now can I?

  3. Cheetos, are the staff of life or at least one of the major groups. I don't know that you should go callously replacing Cheetos with some damned snack that found on Pinterest. Cheetos, really? Do you realize how many of the ingredients of Cheetos that are patented and you are going to throw that away over some silly diet.

    You keep this up and you are going to offed the gods of Plano.

    1. God's of Plano? Is that where Frito Lay is? The Promised Land?

      You don't understand! I have to save carbs where I can. I mean I can eat two small 1 ounce bags of cheetos such as those picture above and waste 26 carbs, OR...I can save my carbs and have 10 Michelob Ultra Beers as they only have 2.5 carbs each.

      See, there is a method to my madness!

      Once, about nine years ago during Lent, because I couldn't eat meat on Friday and I couldn't find any fish that wasn't breaded I didn't eat anything all day. That evening I went out with my friends and my friend Rebecca, who was also Catholic hadn't eaten anything either. The only low carb drink we could think of was tequila shots. I don't remember much of that evening...but I lost weight :D

    2. OK, I give up why is that you can't eat meat, but its OK to get soused of Friday? Confusing world we live in. Well Jesus did provide the wine at the wedding.

    3. BTW feel free to install what ever letter or words that I leave out. It seems that my proof reading skills are shot. That was supposed to be a:
      major food group,

      that you found on Pinterest

      offend the gods of Plano.

      Plano Texas, is the headquarters city of Frito-Lay. Indeed the promised land. However I think Pennsylvania is actually the potato chip capital of the world.

    4. Jesus did provide wine at the wedding but he hadn't died yet and his church had not been set up so it was ok. No seriously, you shouldn't get soused ever, let alone on Friday's during Lent. But I was young and crazy 8 or 9 years ago and willing to take the risk. When I was in high school during the Lenten time my mom wouldn't even let us attend school dances. I always missed the basketball homecoming dance. Don't judge Catholics by what I say or do or write in my blog.

    5. I figured that is what Plano was. We actually have a Frito Lay plant a stone's throw from my house (if you have a really good arm). I also have several relatives that work there and we used to get free product. We haven't received any in year, but my brother still brings us what produce he is hauling, mostly oranges and red bell peppers.

      I knew what you meant, I try to proofread but sometimes you miss something.


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