Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Peace - Do You Hear What I Hear

It's been a long day. I admit that I watched the clock big time today at work, and that last hour lasted forever! I could hardly wait until 5pm!

Then the magic hour got here and I shut down my computer, gathered up my purse, cell phone, sweater, travel coffee mug, lunch bag and keys and got into my little putt-putt and remembered I had to stop at Smart and Final and pick up a bag of frozen meatballs for a little recipe I pinned on Pinterest that I want to try.

Photo Courtesy The Country Cook
Don't those meatballs look delicious? I had them many years ago at a Christmas party. The secret is grape jelly....but shhhh, don't tell my family. If I tell them grape jelly is in there they probably won't even try it. Check out the recipe at The Country Cook (plus she has a really great blog with tons of great recipes!)

I stop and pick up my meatballs and hurry to my car because it's freezing (well freezing for Southern California, it was like 68 degrees!) I start heading home when my son texts me to remind me that I have to return some Christmas lights that are in the trunk of my car...darn it!

So I think I'm going to outsmart traffic by taking the road less travelled, unfortunately everyone in Bakersfield took the road less travelled because I could see Highway 99 to my left and it was flowing smoothly while I was stuck in a single lane of traffic all waiting for the light to turn green so they could turn left while I was the only person that wanted to turn right but couldn't because all the lefties were in the way and the only way I could have done it would have been to booney-bounce all over the shoulder and I just got new tires and had them aligned ..so that wasn't happening!

And I'm hungry and cold and I know my meatballs are melting and the traffic keeps going slower and slower and I'm thinking, "why me?" All day I looked forward to just going home and here it's 6pm and I'm stuck in traffic and I forgot and changed purses this morning and left a bag of MandM's in my old purse so I don't even have anything to snack on and I know I'm going to starve to death and tomorrow they would find my cold, dead body and melting meatballs!!!

I'll admit, I'm cursing and debating whether I should just make a U-turn and go home and try to return the lights tomorrow. All of a sudden I hear this golden voice coming out of my radio. Here...take a listen.

Instantly I felt the stress and road rage slip away. I sang along with Bing and marvelled at what an impact this one man had made on the world with his talent and his beautiful voice and I counted myself lucky at being able to enjoy this moment and have his music touch my life.

So go listen to your favorite Christmas music and unwind, let your cares, worries, stress and most importantly road rage just slip away.

What's your favorite Christmas song?


  1. I see what you mean by this post ---quite similar to mine except I was not in that awful traffic. That would cause my blood pressure to rise! I enjoyed your post and getting a glimpse into your life. I will have to check out the meatball recipe. And yes, there is nothing like hearing Bing Crosby sing at Christmas! Hope today is a better day for you!

    1. Traffic is not good. I'm used to it because I always get the 5pm rush hour traffic, I think it was more that I was hungry :)

      I'll let you know how the meatballs turn out, see if they are as good as I remember them being. Hope you have a wonderful day too Podso!

  2. I hear you! I don't like all the traffic either. This time of year it seems to get worse! Those little meatballs look good. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. You're welcome Sheila. But unfortunately it seems that the traffic is only going to get worse, at least until after the holidays.

  3. Thank the fates Bing came along and saved you from a road rage meltdown, the heat of which would have prematurely cooked if not burned your meatballs before you got to add the secret grape jelly additive.

    My favorite Christmas song's are those that Mannheim Steamroller does in a slow tempo:



    And this version of Auld Lang Syne:


    I have always hated Auld Lang Syne, but this Mannheim Steamroller's version flattens me. It probably helps to have an appreciation for the tacky.

    1. Ha! True, Bing saved my meatballs!!!

      Those are great Sextant, very relaxing. I bet even traffic couldn't take the peace out of my heart if I were listening to these songs while I was driving. Thanks as always for stopping by and commenting.

  4. How awful to be stuck in traffic when you're hungry. Bing's voice sure is soothing, thanks for posting the video!

    1. You're welcome Diane! Thank you for all your great photos. They too are very soothing :)


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