Monday, September 3, 2012

Memories of High School or I wish I had known I was THIN!

This weekend I did a lot of Spring Cleaning even though we are still in the hot clutches of the summer sun! I found lots of pictures that brought back lots of old memories.

For instance, I found this picture of me at my Senior Prom. This had to be in 1976. I remember this day well as I had butterflies all day.

I must have tried on 500 dresses and none of them made me happy because I was SO FAT! Seriously...I thought I was fat. Isn't that sad because now looking at this picture I realize what my mom always told me, that I wasn't fat, that I was the same size as all my friends!

What I wouldn't give to be this size again!

Do you remember your Prom? Do you remember shopping for dresses?

I was lucky, I loved this dress and the young man that took me was one of the sweetest guys in the world and we had a blast!

Ahhh high of the best times of my life!


  1. I remember my prom, but I didn't buy any dresses. Fortunately boys can rent formal wear. While my prom wasn't horrible, it does not rank in the top memories of my life, And high school? I have quite fondly forgot it all.

    You look very lovely in the picture. Was your hair that light then? Very nice photo.

    1. Sextant - Boys get off so easy with just renting a tux! Not fair! I guess that's why it's only fair that you guys pay for the prom tickets, pictures, limo and flowers. Although Roque didn't take me in a limo, he had his own car which just drove my poor dad crazy!!!

      I loved Prom and I loved high school! I made such great friends there and we were a small school and everyone was very involved in organizations and sports on campus. Good memories, good times!

      Yes, good eye! My hair was much lighter. I wanted strawberry blond hair, which isn't what I got, but I still liked it because everyone I knew had brown hair. Up until recently I've always colored my hair different colors for I just color it dark to try to keep up with that darned gray!


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