Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Bathroom "What the Heck!" Moment

Earlier this year in May, I did a post about something I took a picture of in the bathroom of the building where I work. Not sure if you remember but I posted about and asked you all, why someone would be eating this certain thing in the bathroom and why they would leave the evidence behind. In case you missed it you can see the picture and the post HERE.

Believe it or not my fine friends...I encountered another "What the Heck!" moment just today!

Now, before I show you the pictures, let me just explain that the reason that I have my cell phone with me when I'm in the bathroom is because during the Great Sciatica Event of 2010, I happened to go the bathroom and somehow the door got jammed and I was stuck inside without my phone and still in intense sciatic pain! Since then I am always sure to have my phone with me so I can dial 911 and get some cute firemen to come rescue me!

And to be totally honest I'm hooked on Angry Birds and find myself with free time in the bathroom so I play a little game., relatively free of Sciatica; I went to the bathroom and there in the stall I saw and took a picture of this!

Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Let me see if I can get a close up of it.

Your eyes do not deceive you. That's a plastic FORK! Seriously people. A fork. Sitting on the toilet paper dispenser. It appeared to be unused...but I wasn't about to touch it!!! Who knows what someone was forking with that thing! Ewwww!

So again...why? Let me hear your best made up story of why someone would need a fork in the bathroom! And why they would leave it behind! Unbelievable!


  1. I can't even make anything up why someone would need a fork in a BR stall. Make a spoon to eat some Fiber One but not a people are weird.

  2. I'm mean, I go to college, but people don't leave forks in the stalls! Cell phones, keys, yes. But not forks! That is gross and weird.

  3. Gross! Is this a unisex bathroom? I would think a man might eat in the there but certainly not a woman!

  4. Donnie - Hahaha, that's funny. Fiber One! Love it!

  5. Della - I know! You might maybe,kinda,sorta expect that of a college kid, but these are grown adult women!

  6. Paula - No...this is a women only bathroom. I guess you could maybe think it might be possible that someone came in with a child that had the fork and they just forgot and left it, but then again who gives a child a fork as a plaything?

  7. I don't know how it got there, but I think the fork was not used for eating or for anything else. It looks unused; maybe it fell from a bag or a package or whatever.

  8. DUTA - I'm sure you're probably right, it was just a funny thing to see in there.

  9. Dutta probably has the correct theory, and some kind soul picked it up off the floor and set on the dispenser in case someone wanted it for their lunch!

    Here is my theory. I had a fork just like that in my business trip luggage. I have a horribly itchy spot in the middle of my back that I can't reach effectively. On a business trip I had no kind wife to give it a good scratch--hence the fork. So here is my theory. Some poor soul got a huge itch in the middle of her back right under her bra strap. Well you can't unhitch your bra in your office cubical, so she grabbed a plastic fork from her desk drawer, got in the restroom, unhitched her bra and attacked that itch with the fork. She then re-did the bra but forgot to throw out the fork, which is far better than remembering the fork but forgetting the bra. This may not be the award winning explanation that will raise the gross out hairs on the back of one's neck, but I give it a high order of plausibility. Other than the bra strap and the bathroom stall, been there, done that.

    I can offer no good explanation for your other bathroom find.

  10. Sextant - Ok, you win! You had the most imaginative explanation and the funniest without being too gross!

    That's actually a very plausible explanation...and definitely better she forgot the fork and not the bra!

    Thanks for playing along :-)


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